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A 24x7 digital companion that develops a trusted relationship & empowers individuals ​to improve their health.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Without you, my dad would definitely be in a nursing home...you have allowed me to keep him safer and happier than he would be anywhere else. ​You, along with his daycare, are absolutely amazing!" 

—​ Family Member​

The care.coach approach is a thoughtful combination of digital technology and genuine human connection...a creative solution to the shortage of qualified caregivers in the U.S."

— Tom Grape, Chairman & CEO, Benchmark Senior Living ​

Two of my participants that are struggling with loneliness, medical illness, depression, anxiety and mild cognitive issues have taken to the Avatar and enjoy it immensely. The companionship offered through the program provides much needed grounding​."

— PACE Advanced Practice Registered Nurse


We've made technology simple and easy to use 

care.coach avatars have been used across 20+ states and have provided 100,000+ hours of conversational care support.

With care.coach, individuals can talk with a captivating avatar that serves as the face for care.coach's team of specially trained health advocates. The platform engages and coaches clients to improve self-management of chronic conditions, and provides compassionate, 24x7 psychosocial support.

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Because it is driven by real people, the platform works with any level of technology and cognitive ability, which makes it ideally suited for the types of individuals at the highest healthcare risk and cost strata. 

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