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Community-Based Organizations

​ offers a new channel to proactively provide services and care for your consumers at home. 24-7 Avatar™

  • In-home companionship 

  • Periodic check-ins

  • Daily socialization and entertainment 

  • Home services confirmation 

  • COVID support 

  • Caregiver support 

  • Health and wellness services 

  • Personal care and appointment reminders  

  • Medication management and adherence

new charlie photo edit 5.png has been very helpful for my consumers. It assists them with med reminders, exercises, socialization, and helps address loneliness and isolation issues."

​— Case Manager

This is such a unique service! The engagement that we see from our consumers has been awesome.  They love talking to Buddy & it's an extra set of eyes on our consumer."

​— Case Manager

Person-Centered Support

Prioritized effort to provide service to individuals in their community, focusing on increasing opportunities to live, work, play in those communities and be valued and contributing members. services are customized to each individual's needs, where they are able to self-direct their daily support. Individuals can request support with routine reminders for medication adherence, day program or employment schedules and much more! Our Health Advocates are remote support staff that are available 24-7 to provide companionship, executive function coaching and support skill acquisition through audio and visual prompting.

Customized Reminders
  • Medication management & adherence

  • Appointments

  • Activities of Daily Living

  • Independent Living skills, i.e chores 

  • Transportation schedules & timelines 

  • Day program & employment

Data Collection
  • Family Portal journal entries

  • Power BI

  • Custom email or phone notifications

  • ISP Goal Tracking

Companionship & Independence
  • 24/7 on-demand support

  • Daily conversation and socialization

  • Games, audiobooks, music, prayers, meditation & much more!

  • Independent Living Skill Coaching

Method of Delivery
  • Avatar™ initiated & led

  • Daily Avatar check-ins

  • Therapist led Video Visits™ groups

  • Personalized Methods Video Visits

The video visit solution is so easy! It requires zero button-presses ​for your member to receive a call from their provider, or their loved ones. We can even do group calls!

Provider Video Visit
Play Video

Features include:

  • Always-on Internet-enabled device to ensure 24-7 availability, even with no Wi-Fi at home

  • Super-simplified devices for individuals who don't want to deal with technology

  • Auto switching between video visits and avatar when a video visit is connecting and ending

  • Auto full screen answer (optional) 

  • 1-on-1 or group calls

First, she loves it! Awesome to see our mom, not just talk. Nice to check out how she looks and her environment. Also great that she doesn’t need to do anything technical on her end."

​​— Family Member

Want to find out more?

Learn more about our services and capabilities by getting in touch with us! Learn how Buddy can help various community individuals.
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