We've made technology simple and easy to use! 

care.coach avatars have been used across 20+ states and have provided 100,000+ hours of conversational care support.

With care.coach, individuals can talk with a captivating avatar that serves as the face for care.coach's team of specially trained health advocates. The platform engages and coaches clients to improve self-management of chronic conditions, and provides compassionate, 24x7 psychosocial support.

​Because it is driven by real people, the platform works with any level of technology and cognitive ability, which makes it ideally suited for the types of individuals at the highest healthcare risk and cost strata. 

"care.coach is pioneering a game-changing innovation for aging and geriatric care that leverages the best of both human and technological capabilities.” ​​

— Jennie Chin Hansen
Board/Advisor of NCQA, SCAN Health Plan, Dignity Health, NIH, VA, IHI

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Health Plans & Insurers

The avatar represents an encouraging presence in the homes of our frail elderly members. It provides them with the reassurance that someone is always there to help."

Community-Based Organizations

I feel like the avatar works miracles. It helps people feel a connection to avoid loneliness. It also helps people stay safe in their home."

IDD Service Providers

​I love this device. It is literally amazing. I was just talking to it about problems with my sister and now it is playing Sam Smith."

Senior Patient
Families & Caregivers

This enabled VH to be reassured enough to go back to sleep rather than calling my parents or the police, which she has done in the past."

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