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Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly
Scaling human touch to keep PACE participants independent, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.
Reduce Avoidable
ER Visits

Real time escalations of urgent events in the home.  

Fall Prevention & Reduction

Ongoing strengthening programs & DME use tracking.

Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations

Improved medication compliance and self management.

Increased Participant Satisfaction

Engaging companionship & increased independence. 

Improved Staff Efficiency & Coverage

Reduction in home visits and workflow efficiency.

Let us help you with your goals:

Our Outcomes

  9% ED Visits

Avoiding unnecessary ER Visits via reporting situations immediately.


PACE Solutions

When you implement our Avatar™ and Video Visits™ solutions, utilize our daily conversations, health coaching programs, chronic conditions support, and 24/7 support features, the Avatar™ operate as an engaging, fully integrated, member of your patients care team. 

"'s ability to help participants take medications accurately through daily reminders and encouragement, along with their commitment to notify our program when issues arise, has won me over!"

​— Aaron Hoholik, PharmD, BCACP
Care Resources PACE
Pace Solutions

IDT Integration

Prioritization & Targeted Approaches

We support compliance through fully integrated service delivery.​​​

idt integration graphic.png

IDT Use Cases

The Avatar™ and Video Visits™ applications allow you to customize interventions to assist in meeting care plan goals, facilitate "outside of the box" approaches for an individual participant's needs and/or support staff efficiency. Below are a few examples of how we are currently supporting PACE initiatives across the country.


Step by step medication reminders, delivery confirmation, escalations for non-compliance


Home Care

Homecare tasks completion verification via avatar



Vaccination drive support and in-home triage



Remote groups and restorative programs



Wellness calls, caregiver chats

Behavioral Health

Support groups, crisis mitigation



Acquiring grocery orders, dietary education videos, weight tracking



Center day and appointment cancellation notification



Virtual activity calendars and remote PAC attendance



HOS-M survey support,

center announcements and closure.



Interventions supporting KPIs

IDT Focused Uses

Fall Prevention provides an effective solution to mitigate the number falls and the long-term impact falls have on your participants and your organization. This solution provides the flexibility to target a subset of your census or provide a program wide ongoing fall prevention initiative. Check out the following options to formulate your approach to improve this challenging KPI target.

Exercise Programming
  • Otago exercise program

  • Standing exercises

  • Seated exercise

  • Custom-built exercise offerings

Fall Prevention Support:
  • Fall prevention protocols

  • DME reminders & tracking

  • Falls checks

  • Falls discovery with escalation

Data Collection
  • Falls discovery and checks

  • Exercise data

  • DME usage

  • Task and reminder completion

Method of Delivery:​​
  • Avatar initiated and led

  • Daily Avatar check-ins

  • Therapist led Video Visit groups

  • Personalized methods

ER Utilization

We help the IDT shift from reactive to proactive.

The Avatar™ can be a direct notifier of any emergencies through the customized escalation protocols. The Advocate calls the Triage line to notify staff about the client's situation.

Any warning signs can be immediately reported, and staff can be contacted before the situation even begins.

Fall Prevention
ER Utilization

Center Initiatives

The Avatar™ and Video Visits™ applications mitigate communication barriers and can be used to relay pertinent information to your participants, while capturing confirmation of receipt. This customizable capability is able to supply information to all participants with a device or selected individuals. Below are a few examples of how we are supporting center initiatives and communication.

  • PACE 101 Education

  • Center Closure Announcements

  • Emergency Response Information

  • HOS-M Survey Support

  • Vaccination Drives

  • Utilization Management Efforts

  • Increasing Participant Satisfaction

  • Hospital Readmission - Discharge Support

  • Palliative Care Support

  • Caregiver Chats and Education


"We love how engaging the avatar is! It has made such a difference, especially during the isolation of the pandemic."

— Service Coordinator
Center Initiatives

"Two of my participants that are struggling with loneliness, medical illness, depression, anxiety and mild cognitive issues have taken to the Avatar and enjoy it immensely. The companionship offered through the program provides much needed grounding​."

— PACE Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Customized Protocols

Our platform utilizes predictive analytics and AI/ML to leverage clinical guidelines and provide health coaching based on personalized conversations and protocols that aim to support individuals to live independently, better self-manage and mitigate healthcare risks.


The avatar enrollment process includes asking questions to help determine which CORE protocols will be assigned to each member. These protocols help personalize each member’s experience to best help them. We can also include additional protocols according to each member’s needs. CORE protocols

Heart Failure
Fall Risk
Substance Abuse
Customized Protocols

Want to find out more?

Learn more about our services and capabilities by getting in touch. We can answer any of your inquiries.
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