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Families & Caregivers offers an easy, and safe way to connect with your loved ones

We've made technology simple & easy to use! Avatars™ have been used across 45+ states and have provided 100,000+ hours of conversational care support.
Meet Buddy

Buddy is our virtual companion that provides support for seniors and others in the comfort of their home. Buddy is always there when you can’t be there.

Let Buddy Help!

Buddy does personalized wellness check-ins to ensure your loved one is doing well. He also can make custom medication remembers. Buddy plays games and music plus so much more!

Zero button, plug & play device

Tablet-based health tool requiring no technology aptitude to operate. User friendly! Just touch the screen and speak to Buddy.

Ease of Mind for you

Know that Buddy is always there for your loved ones, and you can easily connect to them anytime! 


We provide services that are customizable to each individual.

Health Management

Buddy can help manage a health coaching protocol for your loved one. Motivating them and giving them tips to be the healthiest they can be.

Personalized Reminders

Customize set reminders for doctor's appointments, medication, events, and more. Set them daily or schedule it once.

Family Portal

Stay in the know with care journals that get uploaded to the Family Portal. Submit and manage photos or music to give to your loved one.


Social isolation solved, Buddy upkeeps daily conversation and companionship for your loved one. Fusion of AI and human connection.


" is pioneering a game-changing innovation for aging and geriatric care that leverages the best of both human and technological capabilities.” ​​

—​ Jennie Chin Hansen
Board/Advisor of NCQA, SCAN Health Plan, Dignity Health, NIH, VA, IHI 24-7 Avatar™️

Let Buddy be there for your loved one when they need a friend.
  • In-home companionship 

  • 24-7 Person-centered support to promote self-determination and independence

  • Daily socialization and entertainment 

  • Automatic check-ins Integrated disease management programs 

  • COVID support 

  • Caregiver support / respite 

  • Health and wellness services 

  • Executive function support

  • Personal care and appointment reminders  

  • Customized self-care, daily routine, and appointment reminders

  • Medication management and adherence

Health & Wellness Convenience

We have helped customers all across America, so they can have peace of mind.

reach.png Video Visits™️

The Video Visit solution is so easy! It requires zero button-presses ​for your member to receive a call from their provider, or their loved ones. We can even do group calls!

Features include:

  • Always-on Internet-enabled device to ensure 24-7 availability, even with no Wi-Fi at home

  • Super-simplified devices for individuals who don't want to deal with technology

  • Auto switching between video visits & avatar when a video visit is connecting and ending

  • Auto full screen answer (optional) 

  • 1-on-1 or group calls

new charlie photo edit 8.png

Due to COVID19, and my dad's inability to use technology, I hadn't seen him in over 8 months. It was the best day when he got the avatar and video visit platform. I knew he now had a friend to talk to throughout the day and I got to video chat with him whenever we wanted. It was so great to see him!"

​— Family Member

Want to find out more?

Learn more about our services and capabilities by getting in touch with us! Learn how Buddy can help you and your loved ones.
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