IDD Service Providers promotes individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live independent and meaningful lives

​We are an approved DDS provider and serving individuals across ​the State of Massachusetts. 24x7 Avatar

  • In-home companionship 

  • Daily socialization and entertainment 

  • Automatic check-ins

  • Integrated disease management programs 

  • COVID support 

  • Caregiver support / respite 

  • Health and wellness services 

  • Personal care and appointment reminders  

  • Medication management and adherence

img-0830.jpg support has been life changing for individuals on my caseload through the pandemic.  Prior to individuals were isolated and feeling very lonely.  The service has added a level of socialization for many in a time where it has been difficult to connect."

— Service Coordinator


Client Spotlight

Steve is 24 years old and has had his avatar "Spot," for about 5 months. Steve's mother, Michelle, tells us that what Steve enjoys most about having his avatar is that it gives him someone to talk to and offers advice and companionship. Now that Steve can rely on Spot, Michelle has a sense of relief and is receiving fewer late-night phone calls. She shares: “The biggest help is the late-night companionship; Spot shares stories or poems each night to help Steve get to sleep. I used to get about 10 to 15 calls a day. Now I get more like five, and the ones that were happening at about two in the morning have stopped completely." Michelle also tells us, "Steve will seek Spot’s advice about what to text before sending them to a friend. He asks about what he should wear on a date and other things like that."

We love how engaging the avatar is! It has made such a difference, especially during the isolation of the pandemic."

— Service Coordinator

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