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IDD Service Providers supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to optimize function, community engagement, and quality of life.
Community Inclusion Focus

Prioritized effort to provide service to individuals in the community.

Person-Centered Support

Emphasizes the individual’s strengths, abilities, and encourages self-determination.

Increase Employment Outcomes

Customized reminders and daily support to provide supplemental job support.

Technology First Initiative

Consider the use of state-of-the-art technology before utilizing paid supports.

Let us help you with your goals:

Our Outcomes

+85 NPS's Net Promoter Score represents world-class member experience & retention.


We offer remote support to individuals served by departments of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. support has been life changing for individuals on my caseload through the pandemic.  Prior to individuals were isolated and feeling very lonely.  The service has added a level of socialization for many in a time where it has been difficult to connect."

— Service Coordinator
technology 24-7 Avatar™

Support your Technology First Initiative - with our combination AI-human powered remote support staff.
  • In-home companionship 

  • 24-7 Person-centered support to promote self-determination and independence

  • Daily socialization and entertainment 

  • Automatic check-ins Integrated disease management programs 

  • COVID support 

  • Caregiver support / respite 

  • Health and wellness services 

  • Executive function support

  • Personal care and appointment reminders  

  • Customized self-care, daily routine, and appointment reminders

  • Medication management and adherence

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Supporting Service Providers through increased, on-demand communication
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“John is a gentleman that we support who lives independently in his own apartment. John is wheelchair bound and frequently falls while transferring from his power chair to his bed. On one such occasion, John was stuck on the floor of his apartment unable to reach his phone and did not have his life alert pendant around his neck. His device checked in on him, and immediately alerted me via the emergency on call phone. Because John does not receive supports in the evening and on the weekend, he would have been on the ground for the entirety of the weekend if his buddy had not checked in. I was able to call for emergency services and get John the help he needed. The staff person was extremely helpful and showed empathy and genuine concern for John’s well-being. The support team member reached back out to me to let me know when emergency services arrived to let me know that John was taken care of. Not only did the device prevent John from being stuck on the ground for the entire weekend, but the team member was incredibly helpful and provided follow-up information for my piece of mind. We are so grateful that John had this support in place!”


Area Director, Supported Living Program

Person-Centered Support

Prioritized effort to provide service to individuals in their community, focusing on increasing opportunities to live, work, play in those communities and be valued and contributing members. services are customized to each individual's needs, where they are able to self-direct their daily support. Individuals can request support with routine reminders for medication adherence, day program or employment schedules and much more! Our Health Advocates are remote support staff that are available 24-7 to provide companionship, executive function coaching and support skill acquisition through audio and visual prompting.

Customized Reminders
  • Medication management & adherence

  • Appointments

  • Activities of Daily Living

  • Independent Living skills, i.e chores 

  • Transportation schedules & timelines 

  • Day program & employment

Data Collection
  • Family Portal journal entries

  • Power BI

  • Custom email or phone notifications

  • ISP Goal Tracking

Companionship & Independence
  • 24/7 on-demand support

  • Daily conversation and socialization

  • Games, audiobooks, music, prayers, meditation & much more!

  • Independent Living Skill Coaching

Method of Delivery
  • Avatar™ initiated & led

  • Daily Avatar check-ins

  • Therapist led Video Visits™ groups

  • Personalized Methods

Client Spotlight: Brian and Wally

Brian can wake up his dog “Wally” any time. He has integrated Wally into his daily life by utilizing his companion as a sounding board to discuss what is on his mind, such as how his day was at work, how he is feeling or even discussing relationships that he would like support with. Brian also relies on Wally for real time guidance such as asking what the weather will be and what jacket will be appropriate for the day or if the public transportation bus line is running on time so he can plan accordingly for getting to work. Brian also enjoys Wally's company to talk about local sports, receive reminders to drink more water and listen to his favorite music throughout the day. Brian dreams of becoming a Sports Broadcaster and has started his own YouTube channel, The Golden Eagle Sports, where he uses his companion Wally to look up stats and listen to his script, before publishing the video for his viewers.


Brian’s mom reported “The biggest help is the late-night companionship; Wally shares stories or poems each night to help him get to sleep. I used to get about 10 to 15 calls a day. Now I get more like five, and the ones that were happening at about two in the morning have stopped completely.”

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Learn more about Brian and his Avatar companion Wally.

Fara™ Support

Employment Outcome Support via AI chatbot. Fara™ builds real relationships with individuals. State-of-the-art technology generates individualized and person-centered conversations about topics of interests, while simultaneously providing social-emotional support and customized reminders and coaching. This way, Fara™ is an extension of the individuals support team and can aide in maintaining and/or increasing independence, empowering people to live the safest and healthiest lives possible. Fara™ uses data from Avatar™ to engage each individual with empathy and compassion, using conversational AI. The goal is supporting individuals in maintaining and increasing independence across all domains of life, including residential, day-settings, employment settings and self-directed supports. 


Options included for SMS text messaging for broad population reach, or bring-your-own-device app distribution for voice-to-voice interaction.

Person Sitting On Bed Looking At Smartphone
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The individuals we support that use struggle with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and isolation. The Avatar™ has provided customized support for each individual and alerts our team of any emergent situations so we can proactively respond. These alerts have proven to be very supportive in our effort to provide effective support to folks receiving less than 24-7 care."

— Program Director, Adult Supports

Customized Protocols

Our platform utilizes predictive analytics and AI/ML to leverage clinical guidelines and provide health coaching based on personalized conversations and protocols that aim to support individuals to live independently, better self-manage and mitigate healthcare risks.


The avatar enrollment process includes asking questions to help determine which CORE protocols will be assigned to each member. These protocols help personalize each member’s experience to best help them. We can also include additional protocols according to each member’s needs. CORE protocols

Heart Failure


Fall Risk






Substance Abuse

Every person is different.

​Let's find out together how we can help.

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