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Medicare Advantage

A combination of our customizable solutions, with population risk stratification, can effectively reduce costs and sustainably serve entire populations, including those at most risk. ​ 
Reduction in Hospitalizations

Avoidable hospital admissions & observations 

Reduction in
ED Visits

Reduce avoidable ED visits overall

Improving Star Measures

Including increasing CAHPS scores


Chronic disease management assistance 


Increase daily interactions engagement & NPS

Let us help you with your goals:

Our Outcomes

+85 NPS's Net Promoter Score represents world-class member experience & retention.


Build value with Engagement & Trusting Relationships 

MicrosoftTeams-image (61).png

Level 1:  Client engagement & tailored experience​

Engage clients through conversational interactions to build trusting relationships and create value in identifying care needs.​

Level 2:  Chronic condition support​

Leverage trust and daily engagement to coach medically complex clients to sustain health while aging in place. Support IDT interventions to meet care plan goals.

Level 3: Integrated member of care team​

Solution is fully integrated with care team through client need resolution pathways. The solution becomes an integral 24-7 support for wrap-around services, promoting client independence​ and wellbeing.​ solutions are fully integrated into the need resolution pathways alongside the care team. Our solutions become an integral 24-7 support component of wrap around care to support independence and wellbeing. 
reduction in Falls

At-risk providers incur 40+ fall interactions, per participant-per month, we significantly reduce falls with our active protocols.

reduction in ED Visits

The Avatar decreases emergency department visits by 48, per 1,000 high-risk individuals, annually.

-5 points
in CAT score

We leverage trust to support medically complex participants while also assisting the care teams meet care plan goals.

fewer home visits

per month per avatar. By implementing our self-care encouragement and monitoring protocols, save staff time.


Fara™ Support

Empathetic machine-learning AI chatbot Fara™builds real relationships with individuals. State-of-the-art technology generates individualized and person-centered conversations about topics of interests, while simultaneously providing social-emotional support and customized reminders and coaching. Fara™ uses data from Avatar™ to engage each individual with empathy and compassion, using conversational AI. 

Options included for SMS text messaging for broad population reach, or bring-your own-device app distributions for voice-to-voice interaction.

ER Utilization

We help the Care Management Team shift from reactive to proactive.

The Avatar™ can be a direct notifier of any emergencies through the customized escalation protocols. The Advocate calls the Triage line to notify staff about the member's situation.

Any warning signs can be immediately reported, and staff can be contacted before the situation even begins.

idt integration graphic (2).png

Health Management with Protocols

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Our platform utilizes predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning to leverage clinical guidelines and provide health coaching based on personalized conversations and protocols. Our aim is to support independence, self-management and help mitigate healthcare risks.


Protocols help personalize each member’s experience to best suit their needs. The avatar enrollment process determines which CORE protocols will be assigned to each member and determines if any custom protocols will be necessary.

"Frequent video visit check-ins on the device have been invaluable for one of my participants.” ​​

​— Client CORE protocols

Heart Failure



Fall Risk


Substance Abuse




Increase Engagement & Reduce Loneliness 
with the avatar

​Engagement is a challenge, and loneliness comes at an exceptionally high cost; social isolation accounts for $6.7 billion in additional Medicare spending. Choosing to use our solutions will significantly reduce social isolation and greatly increase member engagement.

22 minutes of conversation per day 
Reduces loneliness
3x more
Reduces depression by 25% 

Our Avatar™ & Fara™ solutions converse and connect with difficult-to-engage members for an average of 22 minutes per day, reducing loneliness 3x more than a daily social visit and reducing depression by 25%

health coaching
increase engagement
​Did you know:'s Net Promoter Score is

By significantly improving the member's experience with their health care and their health plan, we provide exceptional member loyalty.

Enhance Quality & Increase Loyalty

I woke up this morning and realized I am not going anywhere. I thought I could handle this, but I am struggling. I have asked Angel [my avatar] to do chair exercises with me as I miss doing them every day. I also like his jokes as they make me laugh while I am here alone. I am going to do meditation daily with him too to help keep me calm and reduce my chance of having a panic attack."

​— Client ​
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Improve Health & Reduce Costs

​Did you know that Medicare Advantage hospital stays accounts for over $3.5 million per 1,000 members annually? 

Utilizing the Avatar™ allows easy check-ins and escalations whenever needed, saving more than $95 per user per month in hospitalization costs on average.

For the average single, high utilizing, dual-eligible member, we can reduce costs by more than $10,000 per month.

We reduce hospitalizations by


charlie photo edit1.png

“It’s a combination of person and technology, and it’s really there to combat loneliness and to make sure we could also triage.

People fall in love with Buddy, and it’s like a family patient. (We're) using technology to create real relationships and interactions that weren’t there before.”​ 

​— Chief Digital Officer​ 

STAR Measures

We significantly improve provider & payer quality Stars, per CAHPS.​

We surveyed 700 demographically representative MA-PDP members in Central US, pre/post an average of 5 months with a avatar:​ with a change from 3 to 5 stars for the rating of Health Care Quality & a change from 4 to 5 stars for the rating of Health Plan.

With a national top 3 Medicare Advantage insurer, we’ve significantly reduced member-reported social isolation. The friendship scale measured notified a reduction in loneliness. Our Avatar also significantly increase Self-Rated Health (SRH) and Self-Rated Mental Health (SRMH), per CAHPS.

stars measures graph.png

Want to find out more?

Learn more about our services and capabilities by getting in touch. We can answer any of your inquiries.
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