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Achieve your goals through our platform of solutions.
Our Platform

Our Platform

The full platform gathers insurer member and claims data and produces an improved member experience, improved quality measures, and a reduced cost of care. We achieve these outcomes through the following solutions:

Cost stratification via machine learning predictive models.


Our 24-7 human-AI avatar connected software.


AI-powered automated chat software to build real relationships.

Hospitality Hub™

Support team location for device fulfillment & contact center.

Video Visits™

Easy-to-use video call app to connect clients to doctors virtually.



Predict and prioritize your health plan members at the highest risk, with the highest avoidable healthcare costs

Simple rules for risk stratification, e.g. based on chronic illness, age, and zip code, have some predictive value. However, healthcare outcomes are driven by complex interactions over time, and the 20% of your population who account for 80% of your medical expenses will not be the same in the next six months as in the past six months. When deciding who should receive specific interventions and scarce care management resources to improve outcomes, savvy executives leverage modern techniques to maximize predictive accuracy and return on investment. Augur™ uses a modern machine learning approach to process member information and claims data across your entire health plan, actually predicting each member's likely healthcare costs that are influenceable through improved ambulatory/primary care in the near future. Our deep learning neural networks process every bit of data and can, for example, predict a likely hospitalization based on the interaction between a member's chronic conditions, physician encounter history, and prescription refill pattern. By allocating care management and other resources such as Avatars accordingly, we can save more lives together.



Meet Buddy, our virtual companion software using new technology and AI for optimal relationships

Our virtual companions extend the reach of both the provider and health plan into the home. By engaging with the member throughout the day, an average of 22 minutes each day, provides psychosocial support and gains rich data for the health plan that can be used to improve member experience and optimize capitated payments. With the fusion of AI and human connection, we have created the optimal service of a caregiver and speed of digital products. Our powerful engagement and long-term individual relationships allow us to deliver risk mitigation & coaching protocols for medical, behavioral, and social factors including heart failure, COPD, diabetes, hypertension, depression and falls — all of which generate uniquely valuable conversational & clinical data.

Buddy is customizable to the client and has various options according to their situation. Tablet-based health tool requiring no technology aptitude to operate. User friendly - just touch the screen and speak to Buddy.

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Avatar Features:
In-Home Companionship
Caregiver Support
Periodic Check-ins
Health & Wellness Services
Daily Conversation
Appointment Reminders
Socialization & Entertainment
Medication Management
COVID Support
Home Services Confirmation
Why use Avatar™️?


Develop person-centered relationships, coach behaviors, and discover care needs — at total population scale

Actual transcript from a live demo to an AARP executive role-playing as a Medicare member:​

fara convo.png

Fara’s responses are generated in real-time through AI, with 24-7 availability to talk about any appropriate topic of interest to the member.​

Imagine the type of deep, personal relationships that individuals develop with their Avatar™ thanks to its trained human staff controlling each avatar device. Now imagine you could immediately and cost-effectively scale these relationships across your entire population. How many more healthy, independent years of life and how many fewer visits to the hospital could we drive through improved self-care behaviors and better understanding of each person's needs? Fara™ is the leading relationship-driven healthcare support solution powered by generative conversational AI — the same type of technology that powers ChatGPT. Unlike Big Tech companies whose AI training data is unspecific to healthcare and caregiving,'s data comes from 10+ years of supporting Medicare & Medicaid members living with complex psychosocial and medical challenges, and the million+ conversations per year conducted through Avatar™. Through safe, healthcare-tuned AI alongside traditional care management teams, we can work together to ensure that healthcare isn't left behind yet again by technology, and that historically underserved populations have access to the benefits of this seismic shift in what is possible. Fara builds real relationships with members. State-of-the-art technology generates conversations about topics of personal interest to each member. Fara builds upon data from Avatar™ to engage entire healthcare populations through empathic conversational AI. Options available are SMS text messaging for broad population reach or bring-your-own-device app distribution for voice-to-voice interaction.

Hospitality Hub™

Hospitality Hub™️

Support team location for device fulfillment & contact center
Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

Device Fulfillment

Our device fulfillment specialists get the Avatar™ device ready and shipped to you when you order.

On the Phone

Contact Center

Our contact center assists with the enrollment process and checking in on clients.

Information Technology

Support Team

The 24-7 support team are available on call for any technology assistance or software issues. 

Video Visits™

Video Visits™️

Easy-to-use telemedicine & social connectivity app

The Video Visits™️ solution is so easy! It requires zero button-presses ​for your member to receive a call from their provider, or their loved ones. We can even do group calls!

Features include:

  • Always-on Internet-enabled device to ensure 24-7 availability, even with no Wi-Fi at home

  • Super-simplified devices for individuals who don't want to deal with technology

  • Auto switching between Video Visits™️ and Avatar™️ app when a video visit is connecting and ending

  • Auto full screen answer (optional) 

  • 1-on-1 or group Video Visits™️ 


Interested in learning more?

If you would like to see more of our solutions at work, contact us for a demo today.

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