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Welcome to Our PACE Staff Page

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Here you can find frequently used documents, video tutorials, support info, and the video visit portal.

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Document Library

Offerings Overview
Exercise Menu
Introducing to a participant
Video Visits Quick Start

Popular Programs

PACE 101: Participant Onboarding
HOS-M Survey Program
vid tutorials

2-Minute Tutorials

How to Make a Video Visit
How to Complete an Enrollment Form
How to Add a Reminder or Intervention

Support Info

We are here to help! Support Team
1.855.437.4569 ext 1

When to contact:

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, need changes to an account, need video visit access, Power BI data, troubleshooting, or immediate participant assistance. Customer Success Executive: Eric Warden

When to contact:
If you are experiencing any issues with our support team, billing concerns, or discussions on new projects.

Video Visits Portal

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