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A combination of our customizable solutions, with population risk stratification, can effectively reduce costs and sustainably serve entire populations, including those at most risk. ​ 

+75 NPS

​​'s Net Promoter Score represents world-class member experience & retention.

Our customizable platform can be built for many use cases.
Let us help you with your goals:

  • Avoidable hospital admissions & observations 

  • Avoidable ED visits

  • Stars measures, including increasing CAHPS scores

  • Chronic disease management 

  • Reduction in home visits and after-hour staffing utilization 24x7 Avatar

Our virtual companions extend the reach of both the provider and health plan into the home. By engaging with the member throughout the day, an average of 22 minutes each day, provides psychosocial support and gains rich data for the health plan that can be used to improve member experience and optimize capitated payments. 

Our powerful engagement and long-term individual relationships allow us to deliver risk mitigation & coaching protocols for medical, behavioral, and social factors including heart failure, COPD, diabetes, hypertension, depression and falls — all of which generate uniquely valuable conversational & clinical data. News Clip 2019
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I woke up this morning and realized I am not going anywhere. I thought I could handle this, but I am struggling. I have asked Angel [my avatar] to do chair exercises with me as I miss doing them every day. I also like his jokes as they make me laugh while I am here alone. I am going to do meditation daily with him too to help keep me calm and reduce my chance of having a panic attack."

​— Client ​ Video Visits

The video visit solution is so easy! It requires zero button-presses ​for your member to receive a call from their provider, or their loved ones. We can even do group calls!