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  • What is the Avatar™?
    The Avatar™ is a revolutionary personal health assistant that combines the power of AI with the convenience of a tablet. It serves as a companion for users, providing personalised health advice, support, and reminders for a healthier and happier life. Users can have conversations with their Avatar™ and receive tailored health advice, condition management, and reminders to help them stay on track. With the Avatar™, users can take charge of their health and receive 24/7 personalised support.
  • How does the Avatar™ work?
    The Avatar™ is a real-time fusion of human and software intelligence, powered by live, 24x7 staff of health advocates. They can see, hear, and speak with each client through the avatar, and are guided by software algorithms to implement evidence-based clinical protocols. It works because it builds a trusting relationship & enables surfacing of care needs through dialogue.
  • Is the Avatar™ available 24/7?
    Yes! Clients can pet the avatar any time of day and the human-powered avatar will wake up to interact.
  • Does the Avatar™ require Wi-Fi?
    No WiFi is required. The device comes with embedded AT&T or Verizon internet connections. If you are experiencing a delay in your service, please contact our technical support team for assistance.
  • Is the Avatar™ device always on and listening?
    No, only when the avatar is partially or fully awake. Privacy matters to us so when the avatar is asleep, it cannot hear or see anything. You can always ask the avatar for privacy by telling it to go to sleep.
  • What happens if the device breaks or I have technical issues?
    If the equipment breaks or you have any issues, technical support can help. Technical support can be reached 24x7 at 1-855-437-4569 ext 1 or
  • Can I take it with me when I leave the house?
    No, Avatars are meant to stay at home near your favorite spot in the house, like a recliner or in the kitchen. They do not work walking around like a mobile phone.
  • How does all the family pictures and videos get on the Avatar™ tablet?
    All content can be uploaded via the Family Portal. It's database is connected to the Companion app and is accessible once uploaded to the Family Portal website. Request a link to get a login from Support.
  • Who is the Avatar™ for?
    It is best for individuals that need support with executive functioning, custom prompting and reminders and who could benefit from companionship. It improves self-management by first addressing the explicit need for companionship & psychosocial support. The device is inclusive to those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities as well as seniors 60 and older.
  • Can I download the Avatar Companion app on my own device?
    No, it is a specific application for the locked down tablet. We provide a messaging app called Fara that is able to be downloaded.
  • Where is all the information going?
    All data is on a HIPAA-secured platform. Interactions are documented for monitoring & review.
  • Is the Avatar™ device safe?
    The locked down tablet with built-in camera, can see and hear in real-time. It is secured and encased to ensure that there will be no tampering from outside sources.
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